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While Jonathan (right) and his wife Patty were living in Brazil, he opened a small boutique coffee roaster in the city of Porto Alegre. William was Jonathan's father whose legacy gave inspiration to the startup.


The business grew quickly and Jonathan invited Gustavo (left), a Brazilian Attorney, Friend and Foodie to join the cause.  (You can follow the Brazil movement on instagram @williamsonscoffee)


Jonathan left Brazil and Gustavo took over the management of William & Sons Coffee Co. Under his direction, the brand continued to expand in the city of Porto Alegre.  


In 2021, after many request from friends and family for coffee, Jonathan decided to open a small roasting lab in the middle of the woods in beautiful Loudon, New Hampshire.  It's quite a change from roasting coffee in a bustling city of over 4 million people to the small village of Loudon.  From the roaster window, it's not uncommon to see a herd of wild Turkeys, a whitetail deer or two and even a black bear walk by. 

Just like the humble roasting operation in Brazil, the new US roasting initiative may lead us to some surprising places. Love coffee. Love community. Love farmers. As H.D. Thoreau wrote, “If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put foundations under them.”  We look forward to sharing more details of our amazing journey with you, perhaps over in inspiring cup of freshly roasted coffee.

The mission of William & Sons Coffee Co. is to serve and support our community by working to source the best green beans directly from farmers, roast them with profiling methods and equipment that permit the highest level of control, until we discover that perfect flavor our clients desire while at the same time bringing them back through transformational gratitude experiences throughout the entire value chain from the seed to the cup.


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